Team Members Get Unprecedented Access To The Upcoming Event's Presenters And Attendees... Leaving With All The Clients They Want for The Coming Year, A Stack of Testimonials, And Access To All The Event Recordings...

Will it be you... or somebody else?

What IS The Equine Business Success 2016 Online Symposium?

Equine Business Success Online Symposium is a virtual gathering of horse businesses that serve other horse businesses - B2B businesses.  The prospective presenters include Equine Attorneys, Equine Accountants, Equine Social Media Managers/Strategists, Equine Photographers, Equine Trade Shows, Equine Web and Graphic Designers, as well as a few others.

THESE presenters will flood the site with THEIR clients, customers, subscribers, and social network members for 10 days of presentations (and a pile of bonuses), in a ground breaking event of such proportions and value the Horse Industry has never before witnessed.

Not only will the presenters share their best stuff via video, but they will go home with more subscribers, more prospects and more clients than they may have gotten with the rest of their marketing all year.

Who's Putting On This Event?

Hi, I'm Patricia Reszetylo.

Between 2005 and 2011, I brought more than 100 teleseminars and webinars on a variety of horse-related topics to the community.

In 2011, I teamed up with Cheryl Harless to put on the first-ever Equine Business Telesummit.

In spring 2016, I single-handedly put on the "Rider Confidence Telesummit."

Now I am gearing up to bring you 50 pre-recorded horse business specialists in the 2016 Equine Business Success Online Symposium, in late Nov/early Dec 2016.

But I can't do it on my own.  That's where you come in.

Why Should I Care?

  • Status... You ARE Whom You Associate With.

One of the things I learned during my EquineTeleseminar days, was that when you associate with experts, some of that status gets transferred to you. This event is bringing on 50 experts. Their status and credibility WILL rub off on you, especially as we work to make you a highly visible, honored member of the team, rather than merely an invisible cog in the machine.

  • Unprecedented Access To Highly-Qualified Prospects... Who Need YOUR Services...

These are all horse industry professionals, business owners, horse owners, and (often) with families.  They need your services to run their business in a professional manner, and free up time for them to enjoy their horses... and their families.

  • We MARKET You Before - During - After The Event...

We're not asking you to work for "free for the 'exposure.'" That's not how we roll. Instead we'll market you in a number of ways, including on our social media, to our email list, around the site, and as you interact with presenters and attendees.

WE WANT YOU to have so many people clamouring to hire you that you have to take down your website... (ok, that may be a BIT of an exaggeration)...

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How We Market You...

  • We ANNOUNCE that you're coming on the event on our social media and to our email list. We'll invite these people to connect with you if they need work.
  • you'll be a member of the Main- and Presenter- Facebook groups, so that you can assist members, network and pick up clients as opportunities present themselves.
  • Sponsor Listing on-site has your photo, bio, and links to your site/social media. Your contact info is right there, they can connect with you.
  • You'll also have a badge you can post on your site, so that those visiting your site can verify that you are indeed a sponsor. Keep this on your site after the event.
  • I'll broadcast/record an interview with you, so I can "trot you out" for the presenters and attendees. This is a permanent part of the event files, and you may use it on your website, social media, etc as well.
  • You'll have a guest blog post on blog with content upgrade.
  • Full access to all event recordings and bonuses. This includes all paid levels.
  • I leave you a personal, video testimonial, that you can use as you wish on your site and other marketing collateral. Nothing is more powerful than a video testimonial... especially when it comes from the organizer of an event like this.

What Positions Are Available?

I like to have people do what they do BEST.  That's where you shine, where you are happy, and where you do your best work.  This means that even if we already have somebody in a position, that we may be open to bringing on others too, as they bring different skill sets with them.

That said, here are some available positions/skills:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Webmaster (possibly)
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Transcription
  • Etc.

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